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Savings Account Stories

Ms. Smith is a young woman who was on the CHEX system. Unable to open a bank account
at the conventional banks, she was cashing her paychecks at the payday cashing outlets paying
exorbitant fees unable to save any money. Upon recommendation from another member, she
opened an account with the credit union. She is very happy to have someone budget and manage
her funds. Presently, she has over $10,000 in her savings account which is the most she has ever

A member, referred to as Jane, who has been living in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco
had trouble keeping her money safe. Each month, she receives a check from Social Security to
help her maintain a stable living. However, due to her living in the Tenderloin with no sufficient
banking service, her monthly checks were frequently stolen. After opening an account with NECFCU 
and setting up a direct deposit, she was able to build up her account balance and save enough funds 
to pay for her wedding.

S.H. has been a member since October 2003. Since opening his account, he has maintained
good standing with the credit union and has been able to build his account gradually. While he
was incarcerated in San Quentin, he sent requests through the mail for a check withdrawal from
his account. Upon review and confirmation of his identity, NECFCU was able to assist him.
The first check was unable to be accepted due to San Quentin regulations on maximum check
amounts. After multiple efforts and accommodations made by both parties, NECFCU was able
to provide S.H. with his transaction.