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        “I love to patronize at Northeast Credit Union because the staff is very courteous, helpful
and they are here for me, even when I am out of town. They are more than bank tellers; to me
they are my friends. Been dealing with them for years, love it!"
                                                                                                                                - Annette

        “In the late 1990’s I was without a bank account. None of the major banks would permit
me to open an account because my name appeared on the Chex System. The Chex Systems
allowed banks to deny accounts to anyone whose name appeared in the system.
        I was directed to the Northeast Community Federal Credit Union. The credit union operated
outside the Chex System and opened accounts for everyone in the community. That was over
10 years ago. In addition to opening the account, the credit union has helped me with my credit
by providing me with a small loan. Additionally, the credit union provides direct deposit. I
love banking at Northeast Community Federal Credit Union. It is a credit union that fits the
Tenderloin community perfectly. Everyone in the Tenderloin on fixed income should bank at
the credit union. They provide good service at low cost.”
- Larry