Common to all Community Development Credit Unions, NECFCU is a community centered, member owned cooperative. Members govern the credit union through a Board of Directors who serve on a volunteer basis and are reelected annually.

To become a member, eligible individuals or organizations must deposit $25 in a share account or savings account that allows an individual or organization full membership rights – ownership in, and the right to vote for the Board of Directors of NECFCU Community FCU.


A member must meet at least one of the below qualifications:
    •Lives in San Francisco
    •Works in our field of membership (individuals and organizations)
    •Has Associated Ties (e.g. volunteers, receives services, has household members or relatives that are already members, or is a contributor or supporter of a non-profit or church)
Examples: (member of a volunteer organization, YMCA member, ESL client, relative of a member, contributor to non-profit, etc)

Become a Member
As a member, you are also an owner. You have a voice in our operations through your participation as a volunteer, attendance at the semi-annual members meetings and the ability to vote during the election of the Board of Directors.

To become a member
Download our membership form, complete and bring in to any NECFCU branch:
    -Completed membership form
    -$25 check
    -Social Security Number
    -Copy of picture I.D. (domestic or foreign)

or Visit one of our branch offices (click here for locations)
or call us at (415) 434-0738
or for more information, email us at

Become a Non-Member

Individuals and Organizations outside the Investment Area can still play an important role in our community. Although non-members are unable to vote for the Board of Directors, they still provide necessary capital to finance new services.

If you would like to invest in a socially responsible, federally regulated financial institution, then
call us at (415) 434-0738 or email us at